Industrial solutions

Wireless load sensors for multiple applications

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Certified as standard

We are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry

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Outstanding user experience

Ensuring optimal equipment performance with intuitive remote monitoring dashboards

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World experts in industry

Products and services innovated in our Cambridge Technology centre

Lightest, strongest, smallest…

Cyclops Utilities – Integrating load-sensing technology across industries

Site monitoring

Lightest, most reliable sensors on the market for effortless handling and live site monitoring with real-time load data through our intuitive free of charge app.

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Remote monitoring

Experience peace of mind with our remote monitoring load sensing solutions—no more unnecessary site visits. Tested in the toughest environments, they ensure a solid return on your investment by reducing equipment damage & maximising efficiency.

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Industries we work with


  • Electricity Utilities
  • Cell towers
  • Rail systems
  • Median barriers

Industrial applications

  • Aquaculture
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Factory

Site monitoring

Lowest weight and size on the market

Engineered to be lightweight and compact without compromising on capacity, ensuring ease of installation and minimal space requirements.

Extensive product range

With a wide range of sensors available, we cater to diverse industry needs, providing solutions for various applications.

Certified as standard

Certified to meet the highest industry standards for safety and performance, our sensors provide peace of mind and reliability. Complies to ASME B30.26 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Wireless/Bluetooth connection & free app

Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for real-time data monitoring and seamless integration with other devices. Access live data, log metrics, and enjoy an intuitive user experience with our free mobile app.

Remote monitoring

Gateway & 4G streaming

Allow data transmission, ensuring live monitoring of your operations. Stay informed about equipment status without physically being present, ensuring peace of mind.

Intuitive dashboard & real-time alerts

Enjoy an intuitive dashboard with easy navigation, comprehensive data visualisation, and real-time alerts for proactive decision-making. Monitor equipment remotely, minimising on-site visits to essential needs only.

Operational ROI

Enabling maintenance be necessity only, significant reduction in site visit requirement. Data warning only when servicing is required.

Optimised battery life

Our load data used the lowest power in Industry to generate the data, enabling the sensors to be tuned to last for years between charging.

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