The highest level of sailing merges technical innovation and sport at a level rivalled only by Formula 1. This is a landmark year for the sport, with the stage set for the Olympics, America’s Cup, and Vendee Globe. Recent advancements have pushed performance to new heights – from America’s Cup boats flying at up to 60 mph to Vendee Globe yachts navigating the most feared oceans, capable of circumnavigating the globe in around 70 days.

Innovation from sailing often transfers to industry. Few technologies are designed for such extreme conditions and specialised technical challenges, making them highly transferable to the rigours of industrial settings.

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Cyclops Marine’s load sensing technology is the latest crossover, entering the industrial sphere under the Cyclops Utilities banner. These highly accurate solutions are being employed by various industries to measure safety critical structures and reduce maintenance costs – providing reliable, user-friendly onsite and remote monitoring – empowering industries to stay informed about equipment status with absolute confidence in safety and operational & cost efficiency. 

But what makes the technology well optimised for industry?


Cyclops is renowned for accuracy (to within 1%) even in the toughest conditions. Cyclops sensors have circumnavigated the globe multiple times without losing a degree of accuracy.


Certified to meet the highest industry standards for safety and performance, Cyclops sensors comply to ASME B30.26 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Battery life

Ocean racers require extreme battery life, to meet this demand, Cyclops developed proprietary low energy electronics to ensure the sensors can be tuned to last for years between charging.

Photo: Ocean Images; Pip Hare Ocean Racing

Lightest, strongest, smallest

Weight optimisation and aerodynamics are the very core of high-performance sailing. Cyclops collaborated with the world’s top teams to compress a phenomenal level of accuracy into the most efficient package possible, maintaining 1% margin of accuracy even at extreme loads (up to 20t). Cyclops sensors are tested to destruction and will not break until far beyond their maximum working loads.

smarttune from Cyclops


Sailing vessels come in many shapes and sizes. From the dinghies readying themselves for Paris 2024, to some of the world’s largest superyachts – Cyclops has fitted them all. The minds at Cyclops restlessly innovate for new applications and have also applied their technology to home and gym workout equipment – providing gym operators with asset management data.

Cyclops Workout asset management display

The existing range is being employed for a wide range of uses – from aquaculture, to working at height, to monitoring cell towers, cranes, ships and utility networks – with the scope for custom hardware to support specialised applications. 

This adaptability extends to the software used to harvest and view the data. In the sailing world, performance data has traditionally been reserved for professional teams with data professionals, but Cyclops has changed that by collaborating with marine electronics brands and third party apps to introduce intuitive displays that anyone can understand and utilise.

Cyclops x B&G load warning system

With Cyclops’ free Android and IOS app, logging data and staying connected is simple and Cyclops’ software team can also design custom apps for individual requirements.

Cyclops’ leading software innovation is the ability to stream live load data from remote industrial sites to a data cloud delivering valuable information right to your desktop. Data dashboards and dynamic overload alerts can drastically cut costs and reduce site risks across a wide range of environments and applications.

Expanding Horizons 

Leading the way in load monitoring in the marine industry has created the perfect launchpad for Cyclops in industrial settings.

Becoming well-established, they have recently announced a collaboration with RS Aqua in the aquaculture space, and have a global industrial distribution network which includes Rossendale Group, Harken, Marlow Ropes, Arcus Wire Group and Wichard Industry.

Could your systems be optimised with highly accurate wireless load sensing? Visit the Cyclops website or contact an expert.

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