Cyclops’ wireless load sensing technology is world renowned at the highest level of competitive sailing. Developed by leaders in load monitoring from their Cambridge innovation centre, in collaboration with America’s Cup team INEOS Team UK, its first load sensors were installed into rigging–optimising performance by providing intelligent data.

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But the engineering minds behind it have extensive experience across industry and  identified the potential for these highly accurate, robust, user-friendly solutions to be employed in various industrial sectors to measure safety critical structures and reduce maintenance costs.

Uptake has been swift, and Cyclops Utilities sensors are already being used in electricity utilities, cell towers, rail systems, median barriers, aquaculture, military operations, and factories.

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Lightest, Smallest, Strongest

Cyclops sensors deliver the lowest weight and size on the market. Engineered to be tough, lightweight and compact without compromising on capacity, the Titanium devices ensure ease of installation and minimal space requirements. Accurate to within 1% of maximum working load, they provide unshakable reliability, and comply with the highest safety standards, including ASME B30.26 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Certified as standard, Cyclops sensors guarantee dependable performance in all applications.

Stay connected, stay in control…

Site Monitoring

Weight-saving delivers effortless handling for live site monitoring. Providing real-time load data through an intuitive, free-of-charge app, users have accurate, relevant, simple data at their fingertips.

The data can also be logged and easily integrated into various applications, empowering users  to monitor a range of sites efficiently and effectively. Cyclops’ software team also offers bespoke software to display load data in the most effective way for your industry.

Remote Monitoring

Experience peace of mind, with absolute confidence in safety and operational & cost efficiency. Say goodbye to unnecessary site visits with simple, reliable remote monitoring. Protect your assets and ensure a solid return on investment by reducing equipment damage and maximising efficiency. Intuitive dashboards offer comprehensive data visualisation and real-time alerts, enabling proactive decision-making and minimising operational downtime. Having sailed around the world in the most extreme conditions, tested to destruction, Cyclops sensors are designed to be installed and left for long periods of time – sensors can be tuned for battery life to last years between charging.

World Experts in Industry

At Cyclops Utilities, expertise is driven by innovation and excellence. Led by Founder & CTO Dr Edward Colby , its Cambridge innovation centre develops world-class wireless load sensing technology for industrial applications.

Stay connected, stay in control, and gain absolute confidence in your operations with Cyclops Utilities.

An extensive product range, with a  wide variety of sensors for multiple applications, is now available.

Could your systems be optimised with highly accurate wireless load sensing? Visit the Cyclops website or contact an expert.

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